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I give gratitude each day for having the best job in the world. To experience the sublime joy of being part of the most special day of anyone's life- their Wedding Day. I have played at many weddings all very special and unique. Contact Me to discuss how together we can make your special day unforgettable.

The most popular option.

The most popular option is full participation in the wedding ceremony that includes the Processional, Signing of the Registry and Recessional,  Pre and Post ceremony music, Dinner music. However my enthusiasm to participate encourages any suggestion that the client may wish to create.

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A small potpourri of special days.

Wedding at Peka Peka Beach north of Wellington. At the moment when the ceremony began the heavens opened and down poured the rain. However the day was saved by the quick reaction of the caterers who whipped up one of their umbrella’s and I was ushered to the brides side so I could play her down the sandy isle.

Mandy’s Wedding at a Martinborough winery perambulating around her guests for a couple of hours. I had a daily call from Mandy for about 4 weeks prior to the date -just making sure!!

The Surreal Elemental Wedding at  Efil Doog  Art Garden Akatawara Upper Hutt where we all enjoyed this glorious space to roam and ramble in.

The day the bride was 45 minutes late – so I entertained the guests in the car park in the cold at Massey Memorial Wellington.

Sue and Liz's civil union ceremony - Liz was horrified that 4 weeks out from my own wedding that I didn't even have a wedding folder- she was a self confessed Bridezilla! She had many colour coded folders! We have since become very good friends.

My darling friend Norbert and his beautiful bride Nicola’s beautifully sophisticated wedding at the historic Milk Station Otaki.   99.9% of the time I am contacted by the bride or brides mother -  not this one!! Norbert was in control and I thoroughly enjoyed our meetings, exchange of emails and phone callsas we conspired and tweaked to create this memorable event.

Michelle and Waynes wedding at Tatum Park a fairyland theme out of a Hollywood set, created by Paul Lloyd.

Karen and Robert's Wedding at the spectacularly beautiful Pencarrow Lodge Eastbourne – very emotional to see the wedding party arrive by helicopter. I had to entertain the guests who were awaiting the arrival of the wedding party - ALAS NO helicopter ride for me!!!

So many happy joyous memories.

 Same sex marriage bill.

Being part of history was such an honour, when I played for Paul and Trent’s wedding at Te Marae Te Papa in August. This was one of New Zealand’s first same sex marriages since the Bill was passed in Parliament in April 2013. Actually there were 9 that day all receiving world -wide media attention. 

This celebration was very significant for me, as I had played at the passing of Civil Union Bill in 2001. This victory is a huge step forward for humanity. We have to thank our courageous brothers and sisters for giving us this marvelous opportunity to find acceptance and love for all.

To watch Paul and Trent's beautiful ceremony click here. 

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